Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Calf

The watch pot does finally boil, or in this case the cow does finally calve. I don't know if I wrote dates down wrong or if the gestational calender I used was off, but almost a month late we have a calf!

It was wet and cold. Mama even brought it to the barn. It hadn't nursed. The kids rubbed him down good. I'm sure that is why it was shivering. I think what happened was this cow has one bad teat that is much smaller, but gives no milk. Because it was easier to nurse on that was where it went. I put the cow in the stanchion and soon had him nursing on the other three. I did leave him in the barn, with mama on the outside. I named him Steak! I will try and get pictures today or later. When it warms up.

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