Monday, March 14, 2011

Boys and toys...........Big that is...........

I have always heard that the only difference in boys and men is the price of the toys.  I think this might be true.  Here is what the big boys did this weekend.  Think tonka trucks.  Can't you just see a bunch of little boys with tonka trucks playing in the mud like this?

Yes, he is STUCK!  So off he want for bigger toys to unstick himself.

Discussion how to unstick the bobcat.   Notice the smallest man out there in the discussion?
Bigger toy arrives!

It is hard to see but there is a chain connecting the toys.   As the backhoe pulls the bobcat out of the mud.
Cheering section!
Once he was unstuck bet you can't guess what  he did?

He and son played some more!  Taking turns unsticking each other as they worked to get the muck out of the pond while it is dry.
or almost dry!   There is about 3 foot of washed in silt that needs to be dug out.  They started on the dry end and are working around the edge as they wait for more area to dry so they can get more done.

DH is hoping to work every afternoon a bit since daylight savings time allows him to be home before dark.  I did have to turn and walk away several times as they would get that heavy equipment in such situations that it wasn't comfortable. 

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