Tuesday, March 15, 2011


It all started with a hunt for bugs for the two turtles.   Then it changed to trying to find more turtles.  That turned into flip the boat where they KNEW there were turtles.

Cheering section is dressed in red here. As they tried to unstick this boat she would cheer.   They are standing on boards to keep from sinking like the dog you see further out.  Dog doesn't have short legs and he isn't in water.

Since advice wasn't working she got her hands er feet into it.
Yes, this is a SOCK foot.  Where you ask is her shoe? 
About 18 inches in FRONT of where she is!  She didn't want to go dig it out!

Boat going over!  Well it will go the rest of the way when D9 gets that shovel with the bright yellow handle to T.  What don't see a bring yellow handle?  It is under the grey one in D9's hand.  T and D11 are holding the boat up waiting.  They can't step fwd, they are on a piece of tin to stay afloat.  So they are stuck until the shovel gets there.

They jumped from the tin to the boat.  Boat didn't weather this flipping to well.  Seems the side didn't flip.  Oh well. The .22 bullet holes, cracks and other issues made it not usable. 
Turtle catching!  They caught and tossed them to Grand daughter and D9.
Believe it or not this is D11's hand.  The child that was afraid of everything.   He is digging a BIG turtle out of the mud.  Yes, he has been told they bite. 

Grand daughter showing off her prize.   Can she take it home?  

Then she manged to get the BIG one!  Daddy can she keep it? 
I am sure it will fit in the swimming pool just fine. 

We brought 3 turtles to the house.  That gives us 5.  Anyone besides grand daughter want a turtle?   I can bring them to the park on Thursday. 

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