Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More playing....

Daylight savings time is wonderful!
DS started playing in the bobcat before DH got home.   He didn't want to start unless DH was planning on playing.  If he got stuck he was NOT using the back hoe to unstick.
Once DH got home he fired up the back hoe.  This "toy" is almost as old as Dh, brakes?   who needs them!
It wobbles along, steering is more like herding.   I totally agree with Ds, not driving it.
Time to call it a day, or almost. 
Mean while on the other end of the pond..............
Ds had tried to get the boat out.  Under the boat were turtles.  We counted about 6-8 little ones and two big ones.  The big ones, as in dinner and salad plate size.   The turtles got evacuated out of their hiding. 
With some encouragement from mom T decided to build a bridge and see the turtles.
Yes, once she "looked" she had to catch! First one wiggled she squealed and tossed it.  Then she managed to catch one and toss it to me.  Once she saw I wasn't concerned about holding it she caught another one.

So we have two new pets.   How long will we have them?  I have no idea.  Kids are enjoying them right now.  I will try to get pictures.  They are red eared sliders.  Lots of people do keep them for pets.

Later I came in to see this.

D9 was telling grandson the words in his book.   That is how he described it.  I can see grandson learning to read just by big kids teaching him in fun.

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