Monday, March 14, 2011

Newest Homeschooling Device........

I have a child who just can't grasp he needs to tend to HIS business, not his siblings.  If I am not in sight, he is NOT at his desk.  This has gotten OLD.   When ask he uses the excuse, "I was just....." or "I didn't think".   Once he is free of his desk he seems to find it dificult to remember where he should be until reminded.   Enough is enough!   Today I came up with a gentle reminder for thinking before he gets up and wonders over to other people's business. 
What is this?   130 dB Personal and Door Butt Alarm with Flashing Light
It is designed to fit in the crack of a door, when the door is opened the alarm goes off.  I used two rulers as the door jam, rubber banded together loosely.   Insert alarm, have child sit on rulers.  Silence!  As long as his bottom is firmly setting in chair all will be quiet, but as soon as he starts to rise he will be loudly reminded of where he belongs.   I hope this will teach him to stay in his seat.   Did I mention he is NOT a happy camper?  He likes tending to others business and not doing his school.   I will let him up for breaks and meals.   Other wise he will need to ask or everyone will know he is up.   He doesn't want everyone, (mom) knowing he is up.   Makes it hard to meddle and play when she knows.  

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