Sunday, March 20, 2011


Last night we were talking as a family about choices and how they effect others.  I know that D11 doesn't believe God is real.  I challenged him to go to bed and just chant in his mind "God are You real" until he went to sleep.  He took me up on the challenge.

He said as he was thinking about it he felt something softly stroke his cheek.  He knew it wasn't D9, because he would have heard him get out of bed.  Besides he was chattering to him.  So he covered his head up.   Then he saw a bright light.  After that he saw a bunch of demons.  He even described what one in particular looked like.   He said then he started thinking about all his sins and started to cry.   He felt so bad about all he had done.  

He then told Jesus he was sorry for all he had done and ask Jesus to come into his life.   "I felt so much better then, lighter."   This morning he shared this and stated when he woke up this morning he felt different, happier and his attitude about things, especially women has changed. 

He shared this  with me before church.  Then he shared with MN, then Dad.  When he shared with me I suggested he share at Church.   When we started praise and worship he ask me when to share.  I told him after singing.  So when Singing was over I announced D11 had something he wanted to share.   We made him come more to the center of the room as he usually speaks so soft you can't hear him.  We told him to stand up straight and speak loudly.   He shared his experience with a very clear voice, standing straight and proud.  It was extremely awesome.  

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Crystal said...

That is awesome! I am so happy for him! Our God is an awesome God!