Sunday, March 20, 2011

First day of Spring...

Temps about 75, with windchill about 72, water temp about 72.  Cloudy

Kids decided to go swimming.  Who am I to stop them!  Just because sitting on the porch in the wind is closer to uncomfortable cool, not hot.  I am sure they know what they are doing.   MN wised up and decided she would write a poem instead of swimming. (It is posted on her blog.)

Boys it was!

Looking brave here!

D9 taking the plunge.  You can see D11 up to almost his knees and trying hard to stay that far in.

Can't you see him shivering even through a picture?   He did swim the longest. 

Discussing it.  MJ was reconsidering his choices to swim.  

MJ did finally swim across the pool, but didn't ever get his head wet.  D11 was the first to give up and come to the house.  D9 got out when MJ did not because he was "ready" but because he had too. 

I see lots of use out of the pool this summer!   I am sure D11 will learn to swim well and D9 will probably learn to also.  Last year D11 learned how enough to get himself out.  D9 spent the summer in trouble and now swimming.  I think this year will be very different for him.  

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