Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baby Steps to Manhood....

 Today I needed to put hay out.  I had MJ open gates for me.  I put the first two bales out.  They were tight quarters.   Then I got the next bale, pulled through the gate, tipped it down so I could get out.  I got out while MJ shut gates.  Then I told him he was taking it across the field. 
I did explain to him that to let go and jerk his feet up was the quickest way to stop it.  Then he could figure out what needed doing.   Off he went, in DEEP concentration!
 He did so good across the field, I only had to point him in the right direction once.   I let him go ahead and go through the gate and up the road to put the bale out. 
It is much easier when you can see in front of you.  I think he may get to put hay out again.  

He has been acting very responsible this week especially and I wanted to reward him.  I hope he can connect the dots of acting like a responsible adult gets you adult privileges/chores.  For him it is a privilege, for me a chore. 

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