Monday, May 2, 2011

Our newest member........... and other ramblings....

It has been suggested that she is related to me.  Some even say she might be a close relative. 
 Her nose is soft and smooth.  She loves to have it touched. 
 I have been told she even likes to play peek-a-boo with someone covering these big soft eyes and then moving their hands away.  
 Ears?  Yes, she as beautiful long ears that allow her to hear when she is called better.  She comes as soon as someone calls, or goes out the door, or she sees them. 
Isn't she beautiful?   OK beauty IS in the eyes of the beholder.  We like her.  She is 11 months old.  She is GENTLE.  I have been told that you can even crawl under her.  She begs for attention.  She loves the littles to sit on her back as the bigger kids brush, pet, love, pull ears, tail and do what ever else they can to find anything that will make her flinch or jump or jerk or spook.   So for they have found very little that bothers her.   When they do find a spot that bothers her then focus on messing with it until she decides it isn't worth fighting over.  MN can pick all 4 feet up, not at the same time.   This morning she was cold so MN rubbed her down with burlap sacks and then left two on her.   

                                                                                                                      con·se·quence   /ˈkɒnsɪˌkwɛns, -kwəns/ Show Spelled  [kon-si-kwens, -kwuhns] –noun 1. the effect, result, or outcome of something occurring earlier: The accident was the consequence of reckless driving

The next few pictures are children do CONSEQUENCES.  They have decided to rush through school and not care if they pass or fail.  Mom will just make them do it again.  So mom upped the anti.  She explained to them that if they failed ANYTHING then they would get a yuck job from mom.  I finished with, "Please fail!  Please!  Please!"  You know that list we all have either on paper or in our mind of yucky jobs that you just keep putting off?  That is the list I am pulling from!
 This flower bed is about 20 foot long.  It has mint and Mexican petunias growing in it.  Along with trash and weeds.  Yes, I do think the trash MUST grow!  T failed 2 so she earned two jobs or one bigger one.  This is her ONE job IF she does a good job. 
D11 failed 4-6 not sure didn't get a straight answer.  He is bad about when he does wrong then he just tosses in the towel.  Which he seemed to do on school today since he failed a test.  He has this whole area to clear.  I told him if he does it right that will be his only chore.  We will see.  Like I said he gets on a roll of bad choices and snowballs.  

While I was showing D11 what wasn't weeds I discovered where the grey water drained out by the black tanks TOMATO plants!  Several!   They are next to the tank, in a cool shady place.  They have a trellis already so I will just leave them.   They are growing in a spot where a wisteria died.  I have honeysuckle on both sides along with turks caps.  

We had an amazing time this weekend.  It was fun.  Part of us went on Sat. to look at donkeys.  Why?  Because adopting a donkey is easier than adopting a child!  :)   I have always been drawn to them.  We had a miniature for a while.  She wasn't overly sweet.  I wanted one that was kid friendly.   So off we went.  It was MN and MJ and I.   The other three went with Dad.  One because she LOVES auctions, one because he had been a pain to me most of the week and I was ready for a break, and one got caught lying and that was the worst consequence we could come up with for him :) 

It was really tough making a decision on the donkey.  They had two I wanted.  MN wanted three.  But one of her "picks" was a little jack that would lick her.  I loved the one we got and her mama, who was going to have a new baby in a few weeks.   We decided on this one since we didn't really NEED two donkeys and being young she would bond better with our zoo.  She is adjusting well.  She was already very people friendly.  Now she is becoming beggar friendly.  

After we came home my SIL and nephew were here, with ice tea made even!   We visited while kids played with donkey until dark.  It was fun!  

Sunday church was awesome!  I really wish everyone had as wonderful a church fellowship and encounter as we do.  We had a wonderful meal, eating way to much.  Then after praise and worship we settled in to watch a Ray Vanderlaan video.  After much interesting discussion and rabbit trails over the material we turned the monsters , noise machines,  children loose with the understanding they would go play OUTSIDE!   We did serve them hot chocolate a bit later as it was in the 50s.   We had more wonderful fellowship and discussion about God while we drank coffee.   

Once we finally came home a friend came  with us to get a truck load of soil.  She is doing a garden, I'm sure she will blog about it.   I supplied the potting soil.   We got it loaded then just hung out and fellow shipped for the rest of the evening.  It was filled with lots of deep discussions about God.   What He is doing, where we are, where we WANT to be doing for Him, and many other off the wall different discussions of the power of God.  The type discussions that you can't have with just anyone. 

Today started off with blessings as it started raining about 2 here.  We had a tiny bit of hail, no damage.  Total rain was only about 3/4 of an inch.  it is COLD, with a high only in the low 50s for the day.  Tonight it is to get down to about freezing.  IF it does freeze at the Airport it will break a 100+ year old record for the latest freeze on record.  Tomorrow we should be back into the 60s.

Did I mention my whole garden is coming up?   :)   Every bed has plants coming up.  Yea!  I am ready to harvest!   I don't wait well :)  

Have a child waiting for a school redo.  so I better get off here and get busy.  All have a blessed day!

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