Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekly Glimpse

It seems life moves to fast to get much blogging done.  I may do an other post later with some intentional pictures.  But for now here are snap shots of life.

I wish this showed how dirty his arms were.  They were gray/black from "cooking".  He loves to cook.  

 Since I AM an equal opportunity Granola I thought this young man deserved his picture in the blog during a "in trouble" session.  
If you can't tell this is two large cages filled with fowl.  One is peafowl and one is guinea fowl.  We were headed to the flea market.  I already had them sold before the kids even caught them.   I had DH cover them with a tarp for the road trip.   Not so much for their comfort but mine.  We get enough stares with just the bus!

 See this stubborn child getting wet?  I ask her to come back on the porch.  I got the "look".   I ask again and again.  I then turned the water on a little, she looked at it.  I ask some more.  She "looked".  I turned the water up more.  Still nothing.  Turned it up more, but it was stuck, so didn't move.  I turned it up all the way.  She is still standing there refusing to come to the porch.  I walk over ask again, nope.  So I unstuck it!   She was then MAD! when the water hit her.   I had already alerted mommy what was going to happen.  She watched from the door.  Then I set down on the bottom step, in the dry and continued to ask her to come to me.   Mommy being so kind brought the camera to me.  
 She did finally come to me.  We cuddled and life was good again.   :)
I love this picture!   These two are feeding the goldfish. 

Other non pictured news. D9 learned not only to ride a bike with training wheels, he then quickly went on to a bike without training wheels.  We had tried before to get him to but it just wouldn't click.  A couple of months ago DH bought a tricycle at an auction and a scooter.  D9 and grand son love the tricycle and scooter.   They both have taken that and learned the peddling and balance needed for a 2 wheeler.  Grand son is a whiz on his bike, with training wheels.  It won't be long until they are off.  

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