Thursday, May 5, 2011

What am I ??? and other pics

This is a better picture of the strange colored kitten.  Isn't she pretty?  
 Her color looks so much like a possum.  I really thought that was what they were dragging in the first day.  Second thought and hope was a baby raccoon, but no, just a strange colored kitten.
 My granddaughter is a critter lover, but this woolly worm was almost more than she could handle. 

It was fine as long as I was holding the worm she wanted to take it.  But, T couldn't give it to her so I could get pictures.  Ever hold a woolly worm in one hand and phone in camera position in the other and try to see what the lens saw?   It wasn't easy!  I did get a few cute ones.   She never did grow fond of the worm.  Later brother came out gather it up and off he went home with it.  I did tell DIL she owed me big time for not suggesting he put it in his pants pocket.  Last I heard woolly worm was in a jar in her house, which is MUCH better than my house.   Grand son really needs to learn the fun of sharing woolly worms with chickens.   :) 

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Both granddaughter and the kitty are darling.