Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Life!

Lets see it really has been most normal around here.  Our version of normal of course!   T had a consequence of pulling weeds.  She found a nest full of guinea eggs.  Instead of leaving the nest area alone, she pulled ALL the weeds around them.  So anyone want to hatch eggs?  Let me know!  If not I will set them and make her responsible for turning eggs twice a day!

My incubator is in use.  I decided to use it for an incubator........of yogurt.  Hey why not?  It should work right?   I tried sour cream yesterday.  Don't think my starter was right or I left it to long. It failed.... big time... sorta bubbled over all over the incubator.  Today I have more starter going in there.  I won't do it as long.  I think with the higher temp of 99.9 it won't take as long.  

 The extra jar is just water to help keep the temps up. 
 T and D9 came in with a beautiful kitten this morning.  Mama is siamese.  Daddy is ??????    There are two kittens, but one is this deep smokey grey.  The other is black/brownish.  Both are pretty, but the one is so different. 
Considering they have their eyes open they were sweet.  No fizzing at all.  
 I did have them take them back to where mama has them hid out.   D9 is the one that found them.  

Kids were off to fly kites.  I told D 9 to be very careful with his kite.  It made it almost to the garage door before a stick broke.  Hummmmmm the kite did it?  I don't think so.  So he then got sent off with the kite fliers to watch.  NOT what he wanted to do at that point.  He and they were told he was NOT to touch the kites at all.  So they come dragging him back in seems he figured the string was OK to grab while they were flying a kite.  It crashed well I understand.  He was given a choice of go and do right or sit on the stool for the afternoon.  Guess he made his choice.    Only he wasn't happy with it.  He was going to have a screaming fit at me.   Funny..... mom decided to go LALALALALLALALALLALALLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAA..........  until such time as he gave up.  It was REALLY hard to keep doing it and not break out laughing, especially when the dog started howling with me!   Yes, he finally got the message that I wasn't interested in his justification or his fit either one.   He is welcome to have conversation with me as long as it makes sense and isn't about KITES!  

MN and the donkey, now named Petunia, or 'Tunia for short have been having a lot of time.  They play hide and seek and tag.  MN said earlier she was just standing still and donkey came up behind her put her nose between her legs and pushed.  MN landed on her knees.  She came in laughing.  She did say she told her it wasn't OK to do that!  They are becoming best friends so I was told by MN.

I guess that is the update on our life today.  Isn't it just as normal as yours?   How many have kittens brought to them, donkeys and kids playing tag, or what ever else took place today. 

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~Tammy~ said...

Sounds like you are having a gret time. The kittens are so cute!