Saturday, May 14, 2011


This was my vehicle of ESCAPE.
Yep I ran away to day and grubbed mesquite all day, while listening to an awesome audio book.
It was the life story of H.A.Baker.   It is HOURS of listening, and a little hard to listen to until you get into the groove of it.  I downloaded it free from here: I really found it worth the listening time.

This is the grubber attachment, on the bobcat.  It digs down into the ground under the burr of the mesquite,and if you do it just right pops the tree out of the ground.  You then have to make sure all roots are totally out or it will keep living.   I can do trees about as big as your arm.  Beyond that it is rare to get it out.  We have ZILLIONS under that size.

An example of some of my handy work today.

I have a tomato almost red.  Yea.  The fact that this plant had two tomatoes when I bought it isn't important.

I got the guys to move my bush out.  This is my bougainvillea.  It is huge!   It is beautiful!  I'm sure it won't be as pretty for a while as it adjust to being outside.  I do want to try to start some cuttings from it this year.

 Not much grass, but my mint behind the rocks is really growing beautifully.  It will smell so wonderful if we ever get rain as the rain drops off the house into the mint bed.
This is a very abused bed.  I hope to have it doggy proof for now.  I planted two new lantana in it yesterday.

This bed is starting to grow.  It has a mixture of herbs and flowers, most of which should not need replanting, just time to cover the bed and hide the doggy proofing.

I still like windmills :)

See the donkey (s)

As they play the four legged one as learned to cut the mustard in their game of tag.  She runs across the pond to get back to MN.  Then starts grazing again.... until MN runs again then....

Yep, MN swears she cheat!   I find it funny than MN won't get close to the water if she is to close as she has been known to push her two legged friend in!   Not that this bothers MN much unless, like tonight it is cool.  The she avoids the pond. 

That was a glimpse of my day.  I feel like I accomplished a lot with the grubbing.  It is something that we need to do a LOT of.  I can't work on it during the week.  This has been a long week with kid issues so I was wanting a break.  I got the kid break and accomplished something worthwhile.  I worked a little over 7 hours, as that is how long the 1/2 of the book I was listening to today was.   I finished it :) 

After that I took the walk around taking pictures.  Now it is almost 10 and I am off to bed.  All be blessed!

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

I love how you got your break, did something useful and treated yourself to a book at the same time. Your gardens are looking so pretty. i wonder if the screen idea would help with the crows out our way.