Wednesday, January 25, 2012

God's sense of Humor and other ramblings

Monday night at our retreat planning meeting we were talking about all the rain we were hoping to get since there was a chance in the forecast.   I said I wanted enough to make our road 4wd only.  :)   I didn't know that the 4wd on the excursion wasn't working.   Sooo ....  this morning when I went to get grandson at the hwy, well I got stuck!   We got about 1.5 of rain last night.   Ponds are full.  It is wonderful.   I am thankful!

I called dh to tell him.  I didn't know if he wanted to just leave it until tonight or what.  I had the kids come pick us up in the ranger.  Walking to solid ground was hard just to get in the ranger.  Once dh got here we took some chains and went back to the private road where the excursion was.   With much work he finally pulled down close enough with three chains we could hook up.   With him backing and me in the excursion we finally got it out of the bottom of the draw.   Then he was having issues trying to back up the hill.  So we manged to unhook and me go the rest of the way to the top.  He went through the bottom turned around and came back.   We then switched and I took the truck with grandson in it. He thought the whole thing was really FUN.   DH took the excursion to town.  Maybe he will get the 4wd fixed today.  He thinks it is a vacuum hose. 

That was the icing on the cake to my day.   MN has been behind in school for a couple of weeks.  Just not getting all of her history and math done.   Yesterday or Monday evening while I was gone she had a revelation on how to do it.  She got caught up and all her school done for today by 6:30.   Yes I do look a gift horse in the mouth.  I might have been born in the dark but not yesterday.   A hundred on a test that she couldn't even pass a few days ago has a bad smell.   So I snooped around and sure enough, she had figured out how to skip problems and them not show up as skipped.  Still not sure how she did it.  She isn't sharing.   When a problem is skipped it is crossed out.   That is how I found out what she was doing.    

My heart is so sad.  The tears just keep flowing. I know this to shall pass and we will be stronger and wiser and I hope everyone grows from it, but for today I mourn.  I really could use some prayers to go along with my day.  I know I serve a awesome God.  I know He is worthy of my praise even when I am literally  stuck in the mud!  :)   Doesn't mean that mud isn't heavy and tough to walk out of. We are and we will walk out of this mud puddle just like we have many before. 

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