Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend this and that in Pictures

Just an enjoyable weekend.   I took a few snapshots.

Girly girls start young!  Check out her heels!    Yes they are T's and just like T this little thing can MOVE in them. 

 I love this picture of my DIL.  I would still love know what her granny use to say instead of cheese to get people to smile for the camera.   Tammy?    Care to share?   She was to embarrassed to help us out.  

 If sister can wear them then brother should be able to also!   Some how he found it a lot harder to walk in them than she did. 

Retreat gifts are a family affair here!  We are all getting in on the fun and the blessing of making gifts!   If you want to know what we are making guess you need to sign up and attend retreat!   It will be a LOT of fun.    Hope some of you can join us that haven't considered it.  

Pray about joining us for Retreat and getting in on the fun!   I will bet you haven't felt so blessed as you will from retreat and probably haven't laughed as hard either!   It is always fun sharing the ups and downs of motherhood!  Come join us! 

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~Tammy~ said...

My Granny, who turned 97 earlier this past week, was one who really shone forth the light of the Lord. But when time for pictures, she would holler out... "Ok everyone... say SEX!"