Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What do they say about bragging on children?

I discovered after I bragged that she had "borrowed" the poem about a new day.  :(  

Since it was pointed out, (Thank You), that she borrowed it she will no longer be on FB.    She does have lots of God given talent.  It makes me very sad when she didn't own that she borrowed it.  Was it a misunderstanding that grew?  I don't know. 


Crystal said...

:( I am so sad about that!

Nola said...

Me too, heart sick!

Anonymous said...

She's so sweet and dear. I'm sure she'll learn life-lessons from this experience. She'll be ok. She's a good girl and you're a wonderful loving mother. I have no doubt that she regrets this and will ask Gods forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

Now I feel guilty! I'm the dirty rat that let it out of the bag. Please give her her consequences, and let her join us again. She is mature enough to learn from the mistake without being in solitary confinement (no FB)for an extended period of time.
Think of all the people that will hate me, because someone else told me. I'm sorry M, I should have brought this up to ou and let you deal with it, as I know you would.

Anonymous said...

And Mom, you said she wrote it, but the word 'borrowed' shows up several times. Could you have misunderstood?

Grace is what saves us. Show some mercy on this, please.