Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just life

Simba is such a kid cat.  If the kids decide to play legos and build cars or trailers then they better plan on "help".   This was a couple of nights ago.  Last night he was back down in the floor in a "boat".  

 This morning grandson ask to feed the fish.  The fish weren't to interested but Freckles was interested in helping him.  I thought this was a cute picture.

See this tiny plant?   It is in the mix of some cactus type plant I have.  I just discovered it when I checked to see if any of them had rooted.  This one is well rooted! 
 I knew I had these by the back door.  Remember when I had to trim my bougainvillea this fall to bring it in the house?  I cut all the trimmings into about 6-8 inch stems.  Stuck them in root stimulator, then into pots coming into the house.  
 This is a pot of wandering jew.  I think it has 3-5 bougainvilleas sprouting in it.  
 This one is coleus and as you can see it also has one or two growing leaves.   I am amazed and excited!  It makes trimming my giant plant easier. 
This is the mother plants.  I think there are three colors here.  Two are pinks and one white.  I want a double and some of the other colors this summer.   Since I can root at least some of them I will feel better about buying more.   I can see this becoming an issue of to many bougainvilleas also.  I noticed that the mother pot has SEVERAL sprouting in it also.    I have no idea how many I will have by spring.  More are still sprouting.   I saw one this morning that just had a tiny green bud on a stick.  

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