Monday, January 9, 2012

Simple sewing fun...

It started with me wanting to make a simple EASY poncho.   I searched and read and searched for ideas.   Finally found this site: Poncho/baby wearing  It looked super simple!   It was!  

Since I can't even follow instructions for sewing any better than a recipe I had to change it up.   I wanted a hood.   Don't I have a beautiful model?   This whole poncho took me maybe 2 hours after I figured out what I was doing.  

As you can see I may have overkilled on length.   It isn't that long on me, even if she does want to claim she is taller.   It IS long.  I may shorten it after I play with it a bit.  

I didn't totally understand how to cut the head hole for baby and me.  Since I doubt I need a baby and me cut anyway I just cut about a 6 inch hole center of the material.   Then I went and found a fleece hoodie I have that I have mixed reviews about.   I folded a piece of flannel and cut around it leaving a small seem allowance and room for a hem and drawstring in the front.  Amazingly the hole and the hoodie were about the same size around.   I sewed it onto the poncho.   I really hate draw strings.  I ran 1/4 inch elastic through the draw string hem.   Pinned it on one side with a safety pin and left the elastic dangling on the other.  I put it on, pulled the elastic up where I wanted it pinned it.  I took it off and sewed it in place and was done.  

Next project:   Years ago, MANY years ago, 15+ we bought some cheap face warmers at K-mart.  They were made by Northwest Territories.   Super simple, a tube of thermal material about 11 inches around by 14 or so inches long.   It slipped over your head.  You could use it as a headband if you folded it first, or cover most of your face or just year ears.  Caps fit over them with very little trouble.   We horded them, we fought over them.  The boys may still have one.   They were that good.  I can't seem to find mine this winter.  It was green.  
Did you know you can't find thermal material?   Not like what old fashion thermal underwear was made out of, which is what these were made out of.  My SIL made some for us last year out of a new thermal, but they weren't as good.  Better than most, but lacking.   Today I made one out of fleece. 
I did make the tube longer.   I think this one is 20 inches long. 

It is warm!  You can't cover your nose, just not enough air.   It is tight, but I am thinking that the ranger ride will be much warmer on my ears this way.   I will be checking  it out later this evening. 

Top all this fun sewing off with a huge pot of beef stew cooking and life is good!  Even if they say we may be white by morning.   I am just praying no lambs born during it.  

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