Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Fanny Pack

I really like the fanny pack I made back in the summer, but it is starting to look used.   So I have been starting to think about making a new one.    Today was the day.  Since I was monitoring a young lady taking placement test in the garage I could sew. 

Here is the end results:

I had bought this little organizer for your suitcase.  I had the idea of sewing a belt on it and using it.  When I loaded my heavy stuff in it It was to wide.   I think the difference is that the ends of my home made one are flat rounding out, while the ends of this are wide making pockets.   

 I had an idea! I would use the bought thing inside my home made one!  Instant pockets with zippers even!   It fit perfect!
 Here it is with the black thing inside and my heaviest item safely tucked away.  
 Net is Everything inside!   I even have a belt loop for my key chains!   I do need to get a different belt webbing for it.   I like a wider one. It won't fit through the loops but I have a sewing machine.  I can attach it!  I debated about sewing the black thing in or leaving it removable.  I decided to leave it free.   I am thinking that in rainy weather this will protect items I don't want wet much better than just denim. 

Not bad for a couple of hours work.  The bottom will fringe out like the quilts you can do where you fringe.


kathy said...

Good Idea. Is the belt thing removable? if so how bout using a leather one?

Nola said...

Belt IS removable for now, but I will probably go with a wider webbing and sew it. I thought about leather but the problem is the buckle. I break out if I come in contact with a belt buckle. Besides the web belts are easily adjustable.