Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ful Weekend in Review

No real order to thise pictures, just random pics and thoughts.
MN and Guest getting hay for the sheep.  She really did well and according to her case worker she had a great time.   She said she did, but I do know that sometimes that changes after they are out of ear shot.

Yesterday DIL made tortillas over here.  Grand daughter helped.  I loved these pictures I took as she cleaned out the bowl.

We were blessed with a couple of grocery sacks of green chilies that were pulled because of the freeze that was forcast.   We roasted them and T is working on peeling them. 

 Big dog loves the little girl. Little girl might love big dog.   She crawled over by him. 
Once he discovered her he turned around for her.
Put his head down to her level and allowed her to attack!  
All went well as long as she was attacking but once she lost interest he streached out his massive paw and patted her trying to get her attention to pet him more.   She didn't like that.
Tiny lamb is doing well.  She is still bucketed in the house at night, and has to be supervised outside as she goes through 4x4 like it wasn't there.   For those that don't know that is fencing that the holes are 4 inch squares.  Yes she is THAT tiny.
The full grown cat is sorta confused by this strange critter.  Is it a cat or a rat?   Does he pounce on it or avoid it.
Three year old grand even looks big by this baby.

My baby chicks I got a few weeks ago are growing and doing well.   They have a light and live in the barn.  They are about 1/2 feathered out and to the cute/ugly stage.

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