Friday, October 26, 2012

Life is interesting...

I have a feeling I have blog post titled a blog this before.  It does seem life is highly interesting around here more often than not.  This morning we drove a little over 2 hours to pick up a weekend house guest.  She is a 16 yo who is looking for a home.   This is very muchly a weekend for her to just have fun.  No pressure on any part.
We got home and made a circle to check stock.  No suprises!  Then when it came time to check stock and hay we found this.....
It is a TINY lamb.  It had a big full size brother.  So we scooped it up.  MN tucked it in her coat.  Yes, it was wet and gooy.  She is my daughter. 
Our sweet guest is amazed at the tiny creature.   She has never saw a baby lamb.

Feeding the baby!  Yes, it is in a tub in the living room.  First feeding was with a dropper in it's mouth.  In about an hour it was crying and wanting a bottle.  That was provided with lots of help, or at least lots of eager eyes.  
MN of course is in heaven.  She has a 'baby'.  She has said she will take it upstairs and feed it during the night.   I did point out that she was NOT to put it in her bed.  Yes, I can see her doing that.   She assured me she won't. 

As always baby animals bring talking of babies, and then attachment and how it happens.  I do marvel at how amazing my 15 yo dd explained to our guest how this baby will only remember us as her mama.  Then how even babies if they are removed don't remember the bios, or not well and how new memories are made with new families.  I was touched and in awe.  What I found interesting is how guest got it, even beforeshe finished she was filling in how she doesn't remember her bios much.....  :) 

I will post more weekend pictures as life goes on.  I will be posting non face pictures of our guest.  Please pray as we feel out the weekend that God shows us what direction we should go, and most of all pray for hearts to be protected. 

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