Friday, October 19, 2012

My New Grain Mill

Several people have ask what brand grain mill I bought.  It is a  Nutrimill.  I bought it from Pleasant Hills Grain.  I really like this company.  I bought my Bosch there.  When the base started cracking 2 years later I emailed and ask them about it.  They gave me the number and the name to call to get it fixed.   It is also where I bought my first mill, which is the Family Grain mill.  I just don't think it is up to the task of grinding the amounts we grind, and does require double grinding.  

So for the new mill has been used twice.  First to make snicker doodle cookies by 16 yo son. They turned out yummy.  Then fresh hot melt in your mouth cinnamon rolls yesterday morning.  They were also yummy. 

I have bought a couple of cook books from them also. This time I bought

It has some interesting recipes.  De'Etta I thought of you and your journey in eating.  It uses beans as a flour, and also to thicken soups and other things.  I can't wait to try some of the recipes.

Another favorite book I bought from them is

  This has some really good bread recipes.  

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DeEtta @ Choosing Joy said...


I keep hearing about bean flour. I really need to do some experimenting I guess. For now, I'll put this book on my wish list for Christmas/birthday!

Did you have a whisper mill before? How would you compare the two if you did. The base of my whisper mill is cracking....can't really turn it in as I'm pretty sure it has to do with the earthquakes.