Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Homeschooling.... Country style!

I am pretty sure my really pretty bull is just a pretty boy, nothing more.  So to find out I needed to pregnancy test the cows.  There are 2 ways.  You can palpate, which if you know what you are doing gets instant yes or no, but my experience is it isn't that accurate.  Or you can draw blood, send it to a lab and have them test. 
Since I have a friend who has done it and wants to do something in the animal husbandry area I ask if she was untested with the help of my 14 yo.   Today was the day! 
What you do is draw blood from the big vein under the tail. 

 This requires someone holding the tail up while the other someone pokes.
 It was a school project, with lots of students watching.

 Love littles that love littlers! 

After they were finished in the barn the kids got to experience riding a donkey. 

According to Joy it was very different than a horse.
 We were all impressed with how well Tunia did since this was a first for her.  No one but MN has ever rode her except leading littles around a tiny bit.
Then it was time for them to leave!  They really need to come and stay longer so the kids can all be kids all over the place.  

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