Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Got Brave....

I went back to the owl blind.  I took the ranger and the ladder again, without dogs.   I first climbed up using the ladder.  I found two babies....
 Getting pics from that position  was hard so I backed the ranger up put the ladder in the back and climbed on it.  I then used the flash on my camera and got these pics:    The "hat" on the top owl is some of the old carpet that at one time lined the whole deer blind. 

 Aren't they cool!   I was amazed and awed.  :) 

I must admit I was sorta bummed I didn't see any adult owls.  I was worried they had left them.  I felt better as I was driving off one of the adults flew up from a tree near by. 

After that I made a circle on around. I found a pair of quail.  I am thrilled to see them.  We use to have a lot but drought took a horrible toll on them.   I saw a single on the front side also so maybe we will have some raise this year. 

 As I was coming back to the house the sun was playing hide and seek in the clouds.  I thought it was pretty. 

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DeEtta @ Choosing Joy said...

Wow, those owls are amazing.