Saturday, April 27, 2013

Puppy Setting

My son and DIL have a new puppy.  Problem is that DIL and grands are visiting family in AR and OH.   Puppy is very very personal and lonely.   She seems to have found the way to our house.  We took her home and stopped up hole the first few times.  She would get out when kids were playing out side.  Then she showed up on our front porch.  She got out of their yard, and into our yard.   At that point I gave up.  She can stay here until they get home.   Then maybe she will go home.  She IS making herself comfortable and at home. 
Our Catahoula tends to sleep in strange positions.  This one seems to be made of the same material.

Anyone say mud?   Just to give you and idea of size the white paw in the picture is Grizzly.  

 This is one of the two porch chairs that double as dog beds.  She has made herself at home as you can see.
 Then this morning there was this picture?  Kids call her the astronaut dog.  She had managed to get this jar over her head.   :)
 Yes, we did rescue her.  After pictures of course!
Since I have no grand kids around to spoil and send home to parents I am doing the next best thing.... grand dogs!  

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DeEtta @ Choosing Joy said...

Ah, what a sweet and funny puppy!