Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Walking and Essencial Oils

I am working at again working on walking.  It is an area I struggle with.  I know in part besides not enjoying it as there are things I need/want to do here, like chat.   I have struggled with leaving my kids while I walk as 11 yo always caused issues and I would come home to them wanting to duct tape him to the ceiling fan or windmill wheel or other strange places.  Seriously he could push buttons faster than most people type.   If I was ever out of focus or contact he had one to 5 siblings mad and screaming at him.  Makes it hard to focus on exercise when you are dealing with attitude.  It is also draining.  

One of the things I am doing on my walk is take a picture of something that I find that is beautiful, or at least eye catching. 

This is what I saw yesterday. 

Then today I saw this catclaw in bloom.  I thought it was pretty.

In other news I got some grape vine cuttings a little over a month ago.  We dipped them in root hormone then stuck them in one of my garden beds.  I have kept them watered.  Many are leaving out!   I hope we have enough to share with several people.   I am excited to see a touch of green showing on my thumb.  :)  

 More on the essential oil journey.   I am still amazed at the changes I see in my 11 yo.  In part his changes are the reason I can go on a walk and come home without the issues.  He is caught up in school, passing everything.  He still isn't reading his lessons.   He has a test tomorrow so we will see how that goes.  Those usually send him spiriling out of control.   He isn't dry every morning, but is more days than not.   It is hard to capture the change in him in words.  It is like an onion that layers have been peeled off.  The layers of oppositional defiance seem to have been peeled away.  What I see now is impulse control issues.  We are working on them.  He likes to hear his voice. He thinks out loud.  We are working on taking every thought captive.  Learning to think inside his head not externally.   Today he wanted to walk with me.  I use my walk as time to meditate and talk to God.  I told him he could if he was quiet.   I figured if he chatted I would send him home, he knew the way.  He maybe said 10 words on our walk.  I was shocked.  It was a happy shocked but shocked.  

I made 11 yo a roller ball container of the blend with fractionated coconut oil.  I really thought if it lasted a week he would be doing good.  Surprisingly the roller container I made me for my hands is much closer to gone than his.    I made my new one a roller ball also.  Hers for focus but mostly for boo-boos as she needs comfort on every tiny ouch.  This way she can roll on her own special blend of healing and calming. I put lots of lavender in hers.   Today I made one for 12 yo.  She wanted it for bug bites and well because others had one.  I want to wait until next month to order more oils to play with.  They are $$$$  so I have to choose careful and only get a few.  I will order for anyone that wants some.  Or share a tiny bottle if you wan to experiment.  I am finding that longer  we use them the more results I see. 

On our adoption front we are waiting on lawyers and a court date to be done.  We are all excited!   Her placement has been the hardest not from her actions but from strange things that popped up.  She has been and still is a very each child.  She has an amazing sweet spirit.  I see her as a mixture of Pollyanna and the unsinkable Molly Brown.  Yes, I know I have another friend much like that.   :)   She sees and wants to believe the best in everyone. When she gets hurt she shrugs her shoulders and goes on.  When she gets angry she is over it in a few minutes.  If she was in the wrong usually saying she was sorry and wanting a hug.  Such an amazingly sweet spirit!

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