Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I had the most amazing experience.  I had been told there might be baby owls in an old deer blind.  OK, kids had managed to look in and knew there were.  They are braver  dumber than me.  I walked down there realized no way I could get in there so back to the house for a ladder.   I drove the ranger down there and got my ladder out.   I could hear this pop pop sound but couldn't figure out what it was.   Got my ladder all ready to go up.  An owl flew within 20 feet, landing on the ground.  

That served as a distraction!  I had to get pictures of her dance on the ground. 

 I was so caught up in the moment I didn't think of the video part of my camera or phone.  I did think later. 
 It was amazing!  Owls are beautiful!   I still want pictures of the babies but..... not sure how to do it. 
I tried and tried to load the video no luck.   I would love for everyone to hear their beaks popping.  

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