Monday, April 29, 2013

More Esential Oil Pondering

While life isn't perfect with our 11 yo, it is SO much better than three months ago, or even two.  Here are a few examples of change.  Keep in mind this is ongoing improvement.  

First example, I spoke at a MOPS meeting today and left all 6 kids at home.   It is amazing that I came home and no one was screaming and yelling and 11 yo was not setting.   He wasn't happy and hadn't done what he was suppose to but, he wasn't raging or even sulled up like a blow up bear.  I was pleased.

I then started to discuss his choices with him.  He was yelling and I was calm.  When life was rough I struggled to be calm.  With him calm so much more it is easier for me to deal.  I talked, he yelled, I kept asking him why he was yelling, he finally calmed enough to talk.   Calming enough to talk is amazing.  Usually he is down for the count when he looses it.  He didn't loose it to the rage level even.   He is now doing school. 

Last night he got busted for again holding cats.  He isn't being mean on purpose but in part it is control, he holds and won't let go, making them dance or just be held.   He isn't suppose to.  So I told him 100 times, "I will not hold cats anymore."   Amazing he didn't blow up.  He wasn't happy.  That was an appropriate response.  He was mad.   Dad told him to get ready for bed.  He instead decided to whip out some of his sentences.  I think he got to 18 or so before was again told to get ready for bed.  He took his pad upstairs and wrote, getting busted by girls for writing in the dark even.  That was again amazing.  He came down proud of what he had done.  He was over 50.  He worked and was almost done before I left to speak.   No rage, not procrastination, just did it, with a joyful spirit!   Such a blessing! 

The chattering has lessened.  He still processes and thinks out loud.  It either isn't as bad as it was the first week or so after I saw attitude improvement.   He still likes to hear the sound of his voice.  He still seems to think out loud a lot.  He is getting better with even his outside thinking being less random and scattered.  

Here is what we are doing morning and night:  Balance, Serenity and Lavender on the back of his neck.  One drop each in that little dip when they bend over.   I let him rub it in.   I then give him his choice of oil to 'smell'.  Usually he picks citrus.  The WildOrange is his favorite, but we are out, so he goes with Lemon most of the time.  He did try Peppermint, but found it to strong straight.  I dropped the last drop of Lavender this morning.  I have a tiny bottle I can use out of, but will do without and see if it changes attitude.   I will have some ordered next week.  I also have the diffuser in the school room and try to run it when he is doing school.   I may look into getting one for the living room also since new one does school in here.   I use a drop or two of Balance, Serenity and Lemon.  Smells wonderful!   If you are check out the links about and reading you see even the Lemon and Wild Orange are mood enhancers and stress relievers.  I find it interesting that he loves to eat grapefruit and oranges. 

I really have such a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that these Essential Oils help.  How can something so simple and natural does such great things?    I don't know, don't understand, I just see the difference and am grateful!    I was willing to try them because nothing else had worked, but didn't really feel I would see much difference.  Any improvement would be welcome though!  

I really would love to share and talk essential oils as I am so learning and so excited to share.  Yes, I am selling them, well I'm a distributor and if you want I will order for you.  It may seem like I am pushing them, I'm not, I'm just excited at what I am seeing and what I am learning and hearing from others.   Join me and discuss it I would love to hear your story good and bad.  What can you teach me?   What web sites are good?  


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