Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pictures of Life

Life in pictures.  I can't seem to find time to blog very often.  I just take pictures and take and they get loaded on the camera or a few get posted to fb off my phone.  So I am taking this nice cool morning to recap life.   This is just a few of the life shots going on. 
Spring is in the air!  That means fowl nesting.  We have two or three geese nesting.  I can't get anyone to come pet either goose.

I seem to have LOTS of pictures of little girls!   I will share a few.  

DIL took this one of her getting a toy out of the range of the sprinkler.   She wasn't playing in it. :)
 Another pretty girl who LOVES critters.   She and Grizzly are buddies.  She gets a "ride" and he gets petted. 
 This little girl wasn't so sure of the moisture falling on her.  
 Like all my grands this one LOVES BBQ ribs! 
 I thought this mouse was cute.  I turned over an I beam and there it was.  So I took pictures.  Since it was a long ways from the house I just let it be.  
Almost 14 yo D is my fix it man.  He keeps bikes running, and many other things.   Some times he has lots of really good help.  Some times the help isn't so good.
Park days can be fun!  Kids of all ages enjoy fellowship. 

Thought this was an amazing sunset.

 This is the handsome prince.  He use to be D13 soon to be 14, but he goes by the title of Handsome Prince now.  It all started with him listening to a Hank the Cowdog book.    Now he goes around all time asking what the Handsome Prince can do for you, and other Handsome Prince statements. 

Boxes are fun!!!  Yes there is a cat in the box with her. 

Dress for success!  He is Mr. Worker.  

Life at hour house.  Music, family and kids sitting!   Life hums!

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