Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday's Musing

This morning on my walk I saw one of the adult owls.   I took a picture or two.  The zoom isn't great but you can still see the owl. 
 When I got back from walking I went through the garden to cut the water off.  I DH had turned the waters on before 6 when he went to work to help keep it from freezing as the temps were about 35 degrees.   I decided to take some pics on my phone.  

 These are our thorn less black berry bushes and T's flowers. 

See the tomato?  I have several, this is the largest.

Potatoes in tires and apple trees.  The apple trees aren't doing well.  Two of the 5 leafed out well, one is coming along and two are really struggling.
 I have discovered that planting pepper plants in the cinder blocks around my raised beds produce more peppers. This year I planted them around the asparagus bed.

 I have no idea what type plant this is.  It roots really easy.  It needs low sun.  This one isn't in a good place.  I need to move it into a more shady location, it is getting to much sun.  I would gladly share this with any and all of you that want a leaf or three.  Just ask!

Speaking of sharing, I would LOVE to share some of this wondering Jew. I have two huge tubs/pots of it.  
I also wanted to share some flower bed pictures.  This is sage, like you cook with.  It is beautiful!  I never would have guessed it could be this pretty. 

 Not sure what type flower this is, but it blooms all summer and is really pretty.   Butterflies love it. 

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