Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More Esential Oil Thoughts

I am still reading and learning on the oils.   Sunday one of my dd got up with serious cramps.  She felt bad all over.  I suggested she try the roll on blend for women that I got with my kit.   She was willing.  That tells you how bad she felt.  Later she admitted it helped, but she still felt tired.  Not cramping.   In a couple of hours she was hurting again.  I read what oils to use for cramps.  I handed her the ones for cramping.  She rubbed a drop of each on her tummy.   In a short time she was laughing and joking and active.  She sought out the oils later and re-oiled then again before we went to bed.  She got up the next morning and did it again.  Later I heard her telling DIL about how well they worked.  She said she didn't cramp at all yesterday.  She kept talking about how different it was.  She usually has several days of cramps each month.

On Friday, same child was mad at me.  I was getting the cold shoulder, with the attitude silent treatment.  Those with teen daughters know the attitude.  I knew if I suggested she use some oils I would not get far.  So I ask the OTHER girls if they had used oils.  They both came in and started oiling.  Then I ask her if she wanted some also.  I handed her the Elevation.  I wanted her mood to elevate! I also gave her peppermint.  In less than 5 minutes the attitude was GONE.  She was chatting with me and sharing about her school work.

Then Sunday afternoon 11 yo told me he was mad and so he came in and oiled so he wouldn't loose it.  I was impressed!   He said one of the other kids made him mad so he came in and got oil to keep from getting mad.   Monday he didn't have as good of a day.  He managed to lose it and even throw his glasses.  :(   But even with that I oiled him down well.  It took him a while, close to an hour to find his happy pants.  He lost playing instead earned setting for choices made, but not mad anymore. Was able to spend the rest of the time sitting and visiting with me about life, choices and just a happy kid that was bummed he lost privileges.

Sunday grandson wasn't feeling well and ended up throwing up after they went home.  I sent over a little peppermint oil.  Mommy rubbed it on his tummy with come coconut oil.   He only threw up once. so maybe it helped.

Dh took some samples into a coworker who has a child on the autism spectrum.  I was very surprised that he was interested in trying them.  Dh was just sharing what a difference it has made in 11 yo.  I can't wait to see how they effect this young man or if they will.  

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