Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Morning!

Our day started early with a call about 6:30 from a truck driver that he was almost here with our hay.  So off we went to get it.  Some more eager than others. 
 I counted myself very blessed  I didn't have to unload it!   Son was home and knocked it all off the trailer for me. 

Leaving 14 yo and I to barn it.  He isn't there yet to barn the hay where the area is tight.  So I put the back 4 bails in and allowed him to flip all the bails over so the strings were up and put the bottom row in on the outer half of the hay barn.

All was going well until 14 yo broke the skid steerer.  At least that is my story and I am sticking to it!   He was driving it when something went wrong in the hydraulics.   We lacked 4 bails in the barn and 12 other bails that we didn't have room for.  

It is nerve racking putting hay in where it is tight spaces.  I only knocked one small board off the underside of the barn.  :D   The barn didn't fall on me!   Our "hay barn" isn't really a hay barn, just a shed that is made for livestock but it is what we have so  we use it. 

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