Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mr. Fix It

So for today almost 14 yo has fixed an old chain saw.  DH thought the gas tank had a hole.  It seems instead it had a plug out.  He took the tank off and found how to fix it.  Filled it with gas, found a chain that fits and started it.  He said it isn't leaking.  

Found another cordless drill in the "shop" and charged that battery, said it works. 

He also worked on his bench he built last week.  He had some screws that the point came through a tiny bit.  He took them out sanded them down a tiny bit and then put them back in.  We decided that it needed a brace between the legs.  He so cut 2x4s and installed them. He said it is much solider. 

He also has supper tonight.  He makes green chili enchiladas every time he has supper.  I told him no.  He needs to expand his cooking skills.  So instead of making green, he is going to do red.  That means making the red sauce.  I have an awesome recipe for making it that calls for a tiny bit of cocoa powder.   He is a really good cook.  He just doesn't do many different things if he can avoid it.  Since most of us don't grow tired of green chili what ever it works.   I am excited to try his new creation!

This is on top of doing all his school work for today and tomorrow.  This child needs a job!  He has also learned to run the skid steerer.  He is using it to grub, and to rake where he has grubbed.   He also has brought bucket loads of dirt and filled my dirt bin.  Keeping him busy gets challenging at times.  

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