Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Walk and a bit of a Ramble on Being a Light

Walking the lighted path! I have to walk the step God has put before me.  I can’t look at the what ifs or the maybes.  I have to do what He has put before me.   I am walking out the path, Psalm 119:105  “ Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”  God’s lamp isn’t always bright.  Sometimes it lights just the next step, or maybe two steps.  Beyond that all is unseen. 

As I walk this walk God is also showing me how I have to focus on what is right in front of me.  If I am on my walk I have to focus on the next few steps, where I am placing my feet.  If I look to far ahead, then I miss where my foot needs to be placed.  I also can look at how much further I have to go and get discouraged.   If I focus on this moment then my walk goes quickly.  When I am busy thinking about what I need to do when I get back, how much further I have to walk the walk drags out. 

What am I walking?   We are getting to keep a young man for a week.  He needs a family and his caseworker feels we are that family.  He is being told it is a visit.  Not a potential adoption.  He needs to decide he wants us for a family.  To allow him even a tiny bit of say in his life where he has hand very little control.  As we walk this out, my 17 yo’s brother calls and has arranged a visit for…. You guessed it next week.  I don’t want to say no to him.  I want them to have contact and get to see each other.  It is the only time he can do it around school.  So instead I turned it over to God.  He is going to work the details out. If brother gets to come awesome!  I know God has it in His control.  As it stands now we will pick both of them up at the same time same place on Friday.   Prayers would be deeply appreciated as I have to do LOTS of refocusing and reminding on where to look and whose problem it is to deal with. 

Then there is the home school waver.  We have already filled out the paper work.   It is in the works.  I have done my part; again it is His to do.   I have to trust His timing that it will be ready before we need it. 

Vacation has to be planned out and judge approved.   We haven’t done that yet, he has to be placed first.   We are working on a more exact plan much earlier than most years.  We do have it pretty well nailed down on where and what we want to do.  Now to make sure the campgrounds we want are open. 

Walking in His light is hard when it is dark.  It is easy to think we can walk this mountain until we get there and the light we have is very dim.   When we allow God’s light into us we take it to the dark spots.  If we stay in the light of other Christians, then our shining for Him isn’t noticed, but when we take Christ Light into the darkness we light the area up, we change the darkness.  Our light may not seem very bright, but if you have ever been in need of a light and not had one on a very dark night any amount of light is a blessing.  He is calling each of us to be a light unto others.   He will provide the light if we take the path.  Each of us has a different path we are called to walk.  It is not easy.  We can take heart that we are not walking the path alone.  We are walking with God.  He is walking with us. We also have the prayers of those that choose to pray for us.   They help! 

When we are walking in the darkness, being Christ Light in it can be very lonely and dark.  Especially when He calls us to walk in darkness that someone else doesn’t understand and isn’t led to walk in.   Don’t judge them, or condemn them for being where they are.  They may be right where God put them.  Lift them up, come along side them and pray for them.  They may be in another country doing mission work, or feeding the homeless, or sharing Christ with people of different faith.  They may be adopting a child that has no brain, or aids, or will never live alone.  They may be adopting a child of a different race.    Walking out God’s calling moves people into lonely places.  Reach out and lift them up.  Help them burn brighter. 

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