Saturday, July 27, 2013

Eb and Flow of life in Our Home

Last night I started to write a blog about the peace that flows in my home.  Not quiet but peace.  It didn't get very far until I had a 6 year old standing in front of me with a book for me to read.   That caused my computer to be sit aside.  Instead of reading to a 6 yo, I had the 6 yo, the 3 yo and the 1 yo all in my lap in the rocking chair while I read.  Yes, it was a full chair!   After that life moved on to getting a sticker out of 3 yo's thumb.  That caused many tears.  Which in turned caused more cuddling and rocking from Granola.  Bottom line is I didn't get the blog post written.  So I thought I would try again this morning.  Maybe it will be calmer to do it.

I was reminded I wanted to capture the moment as I sit here listening to my 17 yo sing Amazing Grace as she works on finishing her school for the year.  In 6 months she has accomplished a years worth of school.  She is working on final test this morning.  Her voice isn't amazing, but her heart shining through her voice is.  I love listening to her hum or sing softly as she works. I am just touched to hear the peace in her soul. 
 I love this picture I took on Thursday, it so captured her sweet child spirit. 

Last night was flowing with life and love and noise.  As 12 yo practiced her guitar in the next room, 14 yo was busy making supper with the help of first a 3 year old then before he was finished he had all three grands.  They were sprinkling cheese on his creation for him.   I love watching how my teen boys treat the littles.  They LOVE them.  Both boys become putty in the two girls hands.  It is both touching and funny.   The girls both know who to go to for what ever. 

Today the 17 yo is excited to get a visit from her "big sister".  She was apart of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program for several years.  This is her big sister the whole time.   She is making the drive out and taking her for a fun day.  I am excited for her. 

Seventeen yo just told me me she passed her Bible and now her Math test for the year!  This is on the first try!  So much growth!   So much self confidence!  

Last night my 15 yo wrote a children's book for her nephew for his birthday.  I was amazed at the ease she wrote this wonderful book for him then illustrated it.  I hope he likes it as much as I did.  I pray she is able to use this wonderful God given talent.

This morning after a slow start where dh and enjoyed the wonderful morning on the front porch.  I experimented with making biscuits with oats and flax instead of wheat.  They were good!   Even dh said they were good... for biscuits.  He doesn't like biscuits ever.  

Seventeen year old is chugging right along with her test.  She has ONE left and has passed all of them!  This is a huge improvement.  When she started out in Feb. she couldn't pass anything the first try.  Remember a second try wasn't just redoing the whole section if you fail a test.  She has redone a LOT over the 6 months, but less and less as she gets this figured out that she is smart and she can do.

Life flows around here.  It is never quiet!  Girls are now cleaning the kitchen.  They sing "My Little Pony, then switch to something else then on to another snippet of an unidentified song.  Giggles flow as they do this.   Boys are busy getting the bobcat ready to work today. 


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