Friday, July 5, 2013


After my daughter's last post it is hard to even write.  Her post so left me speechless and amazed in the amazing healing power of God.  He has and is doing amazing things in her.   That was her overview for the book she hopes to one day write.  I can't wait to read it! 

I am still very much in love with the essential oils.   I have been putting them on 11 yo daily for almost 3 months now.   I have tweaked it one way and another and this is what we are using.:Balance, Serenity, Bergamot, and Vitiver.   I am applying one drop of each to the back of his neck each morning to start the day.   Some days he will ask for more oil during the day.  Some days he will ask for Wild Orange just because.  What I see 3 months in is amazing. The last test he had to write for he did it in less than 1/2 a day.   Sure beats 3-5 days of fighting, yelling and screaming.   I see an overall calming.  Last night I noticed that I am asking him to lower his voice less.  He tends to get very loud when he is excited or playing.   He is more content with life I think.   I am using them on 17 yo also. She will tell you she can focus better. I don't know what all they are doing for her. I have noticed that as I have purposed to put them on her each morning she is humming and singing randomly throughout the day. It is almost like there is a peace about her spirit. 

Since life is dull and boring, and otherwise nothing is going on we are adopting again. From the day the 17 yo’s case worker placed her she has ask if we were doing it again. She had a little guy she felt would blossom here. Even before we finalized on 17 yo she was hooking us up with this young man. We met him over Memorial Weekend. Caseworker took him to the zoo and we went also. He is almost 11. Loves bugs, loves the outdoors and wants so so so badly to be adopted.     He keeps asking his CW when he can come visit us.  She said it seems he might have chosen us. We start visits next weekend. She is hoping to have him placed by mid Aug.   Prayers appreciated! 

We are planning our fall vacation. Kids have written their ideas down. With our new one coming next month we will have to have a detailed itinerary of where we are going. It should be an interesting vacation with 7 kids in the RV. We plan on doing Carlsbad Caverns, the bat flight, zoo in Carlsbad, then on up to White Sands, Valley of Fire and Lincoln/Capitan NM. From there we will go into Northern New Mexico for about 5 days. Several of the stops will be new to different kids. White Sands only 3 of them have been too.     
MN has been doing a lot of drawings.  Her ability just blows me away.  I have shared many of them on fb.  

MJ is seriously considering the military.  I think it will be a good place for him if he can get in.  He is busy studying in his spare time for the test.   He will be 17 in Sept.   I see lots of maturity in him. 


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