Monday, July 15, 2013

Quick update

I have started to update our week a couple of times.  Life seems to keep it from happening!   Friday we picked up both my 17 yo's brother who is 20 and our guest who is almost 11.   If you can imagine being in a contained environment for 16 months without getting to go and do very much. Then coming to my house. He really was trying to go in a zillion directions at once.  Did I mention that I also had to grands?  So we had 10 kids here 20 and under from Friday noon until Sunday afternoon.

Saturday night we went to Mason to watch the bat flight.  It is well worth watching.  Everyone loved it.  It put us home about 11:30.   Sunday we went to church.  It was awesome!   Lots of blessings!

Then after we got home after church I was showing our guest bat pictures.  He got really quiet and when I ask him why he said he doesn't want to go back.  Think big striking gray eyes swimming in tears saying that.   I put my computer aside and ask him if he would sit in my lap. He needed comfort but.....  I knew that I was treading on think ice but let him choose if he wanted in my lap.  He came and sat with his back to me.  I turned him where he was sitting sideways and gently tugged.  He melted against me.  Ok at that point there were two of us with with tears in our eyes.  I tucked my face near him and whispered to him asking him if he liked it.  He nodded.  We whispered back and forth and I ask him if he would like to call his case worker tomorrow and see if we could make it permeate.  He nodded.  So I rocked him a bit more and held him and then he got up and off he went.  This morning we called his case worker and he ask her if he could be adopted here. 

Specific prayer request on this journey.  One that it is in place with homeschool waver before school starts. Two that I can find how best to harness his energy and extreme brightness into usable skills.  

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