Saturday, August 29, 2009

54 Cool Crisp Degrees!

That's the temp when I got up this morning! Normally it has been about 70-80 at that time of morning! We had to find the blanket at the foot of our bed last night. It was wonderful! Maybe fall is starting in the air? The weather says only 95 for a high today.

In other news I finally made granola yesterday morning. I figured out why it doesn't get made. I dread dragging out the oats, the sunflower seeds, the pumpkin seeds, the wheat germ..... Then after I make it putting it all up. So since I had all the stuff out I filled ziplocks. Seven of them! Next time I want a batch all I have to do is the "wet" ingredients then mix and cook. I made a triple batch yesterday, that is about 2-3 gallon jars full, but my jars are all filled with milk or at other peoples houses with milk so the finished product had to go in ziplocks too.

Today we are having a church play day. We are going to fellowship, kids swim, paint ball, play, visit, and eat. I am taking Frito salad, coleslaw, hamburger buns and 2 cobblers. I got strawberries and blackberries yesterday at produce so will make at least one like that. Kids want to do a fruit salad. Not sure if that will come to pass or not. I did get my wheat ground for cobbler crust yesterday. I have learned that flour needs to be cool, not warm from being ground. I will start the buns then do the cobblers after I finish buns.

Time to get my day started!

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