Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Welcome to our Educational Center!

We are still working on it but here is the grand tour of what we have accomplished!

Just to review what we had when we started this project in June. This is what the garage looked like. This is the side that is now a bay window.

Now for the tour!

This is stepping from the kitchen into the EC.

You can see the edge of the door going into the kitchen here. This is our reading bed, setting bed or storm bed for my dil in bad weather.

The craft side of the EC. It has a work space in front of the storage bins. The bottom shelf is just under table tall so that short people can use it like a table. Toys are stashed under it in bins. The big wooden table is for projects or cutting fabric or working also. To give you an idea of size the yellow pallet rack is 10 ft long. The stuff on the bottom shelf is mostly craft stuff that the kids can do with little or no supervision.

Sewing machines! I have two in cabinets. One is open in this picture and the other one hasn't been opened yet. It is on the other side of the pole from the one open. Dh dropped an electric line down the pole to plug them in. They are in the center of the room.

Remember the first picture? This is the same area today! We have talked about putting a seat or toy box in the window. I think I have decided on a bench. I want it tall enough that produce crates will slide under. Then the kids can move the toys from where they are under the pallet rack into the bay window. The little kid book case is next to the chair in this picture. The bean back is in front of the little kid book case. Little kid desk are behind my "box".

This is the view of the craft area from the bay window area. On the back wall is a book corner that has the older kid books and the National Geographic. See the yellow at the bottom of the back wall. Those are ALL National Geographic! Thank You freecycle for someone sharing them with us. They are much read around here. More books don't show up on the wall where the chimney is.

School area from the craft area. Notice the computers open and ready to be used. Top shelf is more storage and stuff I need to work through. Same for the area not used for computers.

See this big box? It is HUGE. I use it to divide the school and craft area. I have packed and repacked it multiple times trying to decide what works best in it. Right now I have material and sewing stuff divided into crates and totes.

I still have some stacks of stuff that I need to decide what to do with in here. I skillfully managed to NOT show them in pictures! Over all it is finished though. At least it is very usable!


Anonymous said...

I am curious, what do you have for A/C and/or heating?

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful! I'm glad that you are back posting.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's obvious to the most casual observer that y'all have been busting your backsides to make a special place for the kiddos. We are pround of you and brag to everyone about all the good you have done and hope to do in the future. Thank you so much for your posts, so that we can follow along. The Lord God Almighty has blessed y'all, don't ever forget it, and I know you won't.
Hugs! Tic & Dusty And yes, we post as "a non know mous" Hugs again!