Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shared Pictures and the Joys of Grand babies....

Yesterday was the first day of baby sitting grandson K. I met mommy at the hwy to have her avoid opening gates and less of her time getting to school. She said he usually takes a nap about 9-9:30, and again around 12. hahahahh right! NOT! He finally shut his eyes for about 10 minutes around 11. Then again for a whole 30 minutes at 3. Yet he was totally happy. Never fussed at all.
I did call his daddy since I forgot to ask if any food was off limits. He said no so.......... we rocked this child's digestive system. He joined me in my smoothie then had some of S's for breakfast. At lunch I tossed a bit of the chicken soup, with LOTS of veggies, in the vita mix. Daddy had already warned me he doesn't do veggies well. :) He had chicken soup! when DIL B told C that he ate veggies her mouth dropped open. :) After I fed him his soup then he helped me with mine. He enjoyed the soggy bread and broth as I ate. I had him in the sling so it was a bite for me and a bite for him.
He spent the day being happy. He didn't fuss and didn't sleep. Most of the day he was in the sling. We did do some floor time, but since we have a helpful 2 yo you have to be right there for that. I really am laughing as he LOVES babies and wants to hold them. It should be lots of fun for mommy when she has the baby in less than 2 months.
Grandson T didn't just play with the baby. He had to borrow T's boots for a walk around the house. He walked really well in them, even if they were above his knees.
I didn't get any pictures but my ergo came after K left. Since I needed to see how it would fit me and all I ask T if he wanted to get in. For those that don't know an ergo is a belly/back pack for babies and smaller children up to I think 40 lbs. They are GREAT! Very comfortable. T was thrilled to get to be packed and I carried him around for probably an hour. I would ask if he wanted down, "No". So on we went. He snacked on bread and helped me drink my water as he was toted.
I was tired last night but it was a good tired, full of accomplishment and blessings. I don't get K again until Monday. Today daddy has daddy day care :) Then on Tue. Daddy is going to start K off right by taking him to the livestock auction. I am selling tickets to watch that show!

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