Monday, April 4, 2011


Seems we have had a rash of consequences, or should I say bad choices that lead mom to be creative or just "mean".  

Last week when swimming was over Mr. D9 wasn't done swimming.  He saw no need to get out when the other boys did.  He lost swimming for a week.   Maybe he learned since they went swimming this afternoon and he got out when told.  Or maybe he was just a floating ice chip.  It was 67 degrees, with a 20-30 mph wind blowing when they went swimming.   MJ was laying a fire for later this evening in the wood stove.   Since our lows tonight will be around 30.  

Then I had three, yes THREE that couldn't seem to get their school work done before we went camping.   So have school work will travel!  They didn't get to go play at all Friday evening when we got there.  They also were responsible for helping with camp chores like meals and dish washing since they didn't help get ready.  Then Sat. morning after breakfast they were sent into the camper to do school......with the blinds closed.   They managed to complete and pass school work that they couldn't do at home.   They then got to play, until time to start meals.  Then they could play after clean up. 

Today D11 wanted in on the consequence train.  He failed a history lesson.  I allowed him to redo.  He failed it again, but justified himself with the statement he made a "better" grade, a 60 something.  I looked at him and ask, "Did you READ your lesson?"  deer in the headlights!   Didn't need to answer his eyes said it all.  So since he doesn't want to read his lessons he is writing this one, and will be writing all his lessons that he misses from here on.    He justified himself when ask if he should have read it the second time by saying, , "I almost never read my lessons."   Yep that was just the thing to say!   It will be totally his choice if he reads them now, but the consequences of not passing the lessons just went up.  I remember doing this with T at one time too.

We are planning on going camping in May.  I wonder how many kids will be doing school.  I do wish my kids didn't make it hard on themselves with not doing what they need to have better lives.  We are talking a lot about that right now.   That they do school, not to learn, but because they don't like the consequence from mom.  They are some day going to be responsible for their own education then what?   They don't want to work at doing, but they want the good life that an education and hard work bring.  I have to do what God calls me to, which is train up a child(ren) in the way they should go.  From there it is between them and God what they do after they are grown. 

Seems like we have had some other consequences in the past week or so, but I can't seem to remember them.   Bottom line is Life is NEVER dull around here.  I can't imagin how dull and boring life would be without adoption.  I wish everyone could experience the joy and blessings that come from following God's path. 

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