Monday, April 11, 2011

This and That in Pictures............

Last week I made bread dough and turn T loose with it.  She came up with snails among other creative er decorative designs.

 Tetherball lessons for the younger crowd?   T was "instructing" them. 

 Today I started moving my plants outside.  Over all they wintered the winter inside well.  We have a couple of cool days ahead so I thought maybe it would be a good day to start getting them use to the heat and WIND. 
The ones above have really overgrown this winter.  I managed to get most of the coleus out without breaking to many limbs.

 This is my main jungle.  It has one plant that DH will have to help me.  My bougainvillea is HUGE about 6 ft tall and has a trellis supporting it.  I moved it in trellis and all. I am hoping I can move it out the same way.   I can't decide if I should trim it back or not.  Right now it is in full bloom. 

I need to add some blooming plants to my porch.  I have two begonias that should be blooming again after the shock.  They are blooming now.  I have a geranium that isn't blooming. It needed more light.  I have it in full sun now so it should be happy.   My porch is so shady most of the summer days it is hard to find plants that are low light hanging baskets.  For the most part they have to be hanging baskets.  Peafowl like flowers along with cats like planters for beds.  I like rose moss but not sure if I have a sunny enough hanging spot.

This weekend is flea market. There is also my favorite nursery up there.  I will do some serious plant shopping for stuff like tomatoes and peppers along with some flowers.  I am thinking about doing cherry tomatoes or those sweet 100s in hanging baskets on the porch.   They may produce better there as it will be cooler.  

Back to life around here!  Everyone be blessed!

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