Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Grand kids and their play toy.......

Bigger kids were all doing school.  Older grandson was in trouble for tattling and had to come sit in my lap to stay safe.   That caused two others to want my lap.   Instead they settled for rocking on the foot stool  DIL took this picture of us. 
From there it sorta evolved.  I had shown grandson how to "scratch" the dog by driving cars on him.  Both were in heaven.  

 Since I had the camera someone needed his picture taken.   I suggested sitting on the pillow, instead of IN the lens of the camera.
 Back to the picture prop.   Dog was in HEAVEN!  

 Boys decided to put the pillow under his head.  

 Chair maybe?   Seemed to work well.
 If one could do it then the other had to follow!  
Dog finally got up when I went outside and all the little munchkins were hot on my heels.  Until then he just thought they were petting him.  


~Tammy~ said...

These are so sweet! Thanks for sharing!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

What a delight it must be to have your grandkids so near. Thanks for sharing.