Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yard Work

I really wanted to redo my flower bed.  It is held back with a telephone pole.  I like the rock flower beds I have done so we collected some medium size rocks.  Then motivation happened.  I got in the bobcat and started moving telephone poles.
Daughter in law was documenting the event with my camera.   She did a great job of documenting the fun.  Including the cheering section.
Moving the poles.

See the lizard?  It was under the pole.  I saw it run when I picked it up.  I pointed it out to DIL and she took a picture.

Once poles were moved then we started setting rocks.   We being guys.   They would scoop a rock in the bobcat and get it close and dump it in the ditch left by the telephone pole. 
Learning to work together is tough.   Two boys that do not communicate well setting a rock while older boy sets in bobcat laughing at them, under his breath..  Dad just supervising it all.

More pictures of the cheering section.  
Finished Product!!!  Isn't it pretty?   I like it better than a old telephone pole.

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

When you do yardwork, you do YARDWORK! I love your new flowerbed, I agree rocks look snazzier. You have an adorable cheering section.