Sunday, April 24, 2011

Feels of Spring..

Yesterday was a day of accomplishment.  We spent the day in the garden and yard doing spring like things.   We tilled the beds in the garden and planted, and planted and then planted some more.  I think this may the the first time we have ever had all the beds planted at one time.  

I may have bought a few to many tomato plants IF they produce.  We will be trying to find ways to use/freeze/can tomatoes.  I have a lot of bite size tomatoes in hanging baskets on the porch.  Then we have 4 beds of 6 each in the garden of larger tomatoes, like Roma, and beefsteak and some other kinds.   I still have about 4 more plants that need homes.  I am thinking a big pot or two on the porch. 

If my summer squash grow well I have decided to make chicken enchiladas out of them.  This is a great way to use a lot of squash that everyone likes.   My DIL even likes it and she isn't a squash person.  Since this is a casserole that freezes well I can make it and share it or use it all winter since I have the freezer space to store it. 

We also did two beds of green beans.  If they grow we will have enough green beans to enjoy.  A bed of cantaloupe and a bed of watermelon mmmmmmm!   Then I transplanted my black berry bushes to a bed there for a new permanent home for them.   Where they were they didn't do well.   I am hoping they will do much better there.   After working most of the day out there we broke for a bit. 

Kids swam and played and played some more in their new "Designated Play Area".  It is an area under trees that I have told them they can make roads, and move dirt.  They love it!  I love it!  No more holes or roads through out the yard.  The grass even loves it!  They have the toy kitchen in this area, and about a zillion cars and trucks of various sizes and quality.   They spend HOURS out there. It is really a place to spark creativity as they build their "towns" and "homes".   It is amazing some of the junk er stuff they have rounded up to make it fun.  

While the kids played I planted some more plants in a flower bed and pulled weeds out of the same bed.  I hate weeding :)  I am down to a small amount of plants that need to be re potted.  

We also worked on the porch.  A friend blessed us with their old 11 ft picnic table as they got a larger one.   I am thrilled!   It takes up a lot of room but at the same time is a great place to eat, or do outside crafts stuff.   That meant I needed/wanted to find a home for our glass topped iron table that was a pass down from DH father.   It has never really been used because of fear of it being broke.   I found someone who is very excited to have a "fancy" patio table.   Face it I am just not into  "fancy"  I am much more thrilled to get a used wooden picnic table that could use a paint job.   I pulled the  glass top table out of where I had it stashed on the porch, moved the last of my lockers I had bought several months ago down there.  Promptly filled it with weed eater stuff, (most of which stayed piled on the glass top table) and am loving the new porch look.  Kids ate two meals on the porch yesterday.  

After a hard day of work I was ready to check out the pool.  As soon as kids went to bed I went to the pool.  Yes the water was coooool  but I have swam when it was MUCH colder getting in.   I so totally enjoyed it!  It had been hazy and cloudy all day.  Just before I went swimming the front moved through and left a sky full of stars to enjoy as I swam.   I tried to talk dh into swimming with me.  He wasn't interested.  So I tried to talk a dog into it.  Dog was willing to lay on the pool deck and watch me.  

May everyone have a blessed Easter an stay focused on Him not on the Easter bunny. 

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