Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Feels like spring.......

After several days of 100+ temps, smoke so thick it looked like fog, scanner blaring away on the huge Wildcat fire that burned over 150,000 acres, (think from end to end over 25 miles long.)  Today we have a blessed calm day.  It is HUMID, what maybe 25-30%!  Hey after 5-10% humidity driven by 20-40 mph winds it IS humid today.  

I decided to spring up my porch.  Easter is this weekend, cold should be done.    I had carried out all my house plants last week or the week before.  I just had them sitting up next to the house to get use to the heat and wind.   Saturday I bought more plants at Abilene.  They have a nursery I like.  I bought a mix of tomato and pretty flowers.   I decided this year to hang cherry tomato type tomatoes on the porch.  I have several pots of sweet 100s, pear both red and yellow, grape and ???? not sure what else.   I stuck a couple of marigolds in each tomato pot.  I think a few I stuck other pretty plants too.   We will see how it works out.  My porch has a lot of shade.  Or defused sun.  I stuck some in more full sun and some more in "shade".  

I still have a few more plants to find pots/hangers for.  Once I do that then I need to find places to hang on the porch.  It is starting to look like a curtain of plants.   I do have tomato and herbs to find homes for in the garden.  I am again trying a stevia plant for one thing.  I have managed to kill a few of them already over the past few years.  Anyone grow them successfully? 

I have yet to buy peppers.  I can't find the kind I like.  I want New Mexico Green Chili's.  I would like some funky stuff too and some strange peppers.  I did that on the garden tomatoes.  I bought striped and other strange tomatoes just to see what happened.   I hope to get them in the garden this weekend.  Really I hope it is way to wet to plant.  We have a chance of rain for the first time in a long time.  I know it is because of all the people praying for rain to stop the wild fires. 

For those of you on facebook there are some amazing fire pictures there.   The coolest ones I found were on the Texas Forestry Service facebook page.!/media/set/fbx/?set=a.10150225432082176.358816.283145907175  These are of the Ft. Davis fire.  

I also found that the best way to stay updated on the fires was through facebook.  There were several pages that were good.  For the Wildcat fire the Wildcat Fire Page was awesome.  They were great about keeping everyone up to date.  I found the paper and the news media lacking to the point of wondering how they keep viewers.   Once the fire no longer threatened San Angelo the paper seemed to find more pressing news.   I found that sad.  Maybe we need to come up with a Face book news page for our area and post what we hear and share.  It would soon put the paper and other media out of business I think :) 

I added the second tire to my potato rings today.  I am trying growing them in tires and as they grow add a new tire and cover with dirt once the season is done and they start to bloom, just tear down the tires to gather them.   I will let you know if it really works.  

I sold two of my old milk cows last weekend.  A man at the flea market wanted them so we too them and 8 peafowl up there for him.  I was glad to get rid of them.  My DIL was even more glad to get rid of one of the cows.  She never assumed a gate was locked.  If she walked by a gate she checked to see if it was locked.   If it wasn't well she assumed it was unlocked just for her to come in and snack.   Dog food, corn, calf manna..... any and all that she found she ate.   She would also get in the barn worse than any other cow.    My Dh was glad to get rid of a few peafowl.  He seem to not like them as much as I do.   Don't understand :)

I will try to get some pictures of my porch to post some time soon.  I do have a few more plants to add.   I also have some winter clutter that needs to find a new home.  

May everyone have a blessed and safe week.

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