Monday, April 11, 2011

Fire Pictures from a LONG ways off...........

As many of you know large portions of Texas are on fire.   From where I am earlier today I could see smoke from two fires.  One is a big one.  As a crow flies it is 50 or so miles from me.  It is much closer to some friends who posted pictures on her blog here:

Then tonight I was working on the bobcat grubbing mesquite and had to stop and take these pictures of the same fire.   I haven't heard any updates on it, but judging from the smoke it isn't contained yet.  Prayer for those in harms way would be appreciated.  

They are beautiful sunsets!  Wish it was rain clouds instead of smoke.  If you want to check out the fires nation wide check this out.  Once you click on this then click the radar and weather stations un-clicking them.  Clicking the fire box.   Zoom out as far as you want.  This will show the fires that are showing on satellites.   It is a sobering look at how many fires there are in the US right now.  

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