Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's beganing to look a lot like Thanksgiving!

It also smells a lot like Thanksgiving!  
D13 is busy anointing the turkey with olive oil!   I have this awesome amazing oil-less turkey fryer that makes them moist and yummy like fried with just the oil we rub on it.   He is in charge of cooking turkeys today.   He started about 7 getting the fryer out and first turkey on to cook.  He has watched the timer and is very responsible with checking.   He is doing a great job of it.   He has one done and the second one frying.   The next two are injected with seasoning to add a different flavor.   I can't wait to see how they taste.  
 I love it this picture of 3 yo learning to roll out pie dough.  The apron just sets it off.  Baby foot in the picture is little sister on mommies back!
 Baby sister, with those big blue eyes!
 MN learning to make pretty pies!  DIL does this type and they are so pretty so MN did it also today. 
 T pulling pies out of the oven.   Maybe a pecan pie there will a chess pie on the top of the stove.  
 Her rolled out pie crust!   She did good!  
Pie count: 10 done, 7 in the oven and 3 still waiting in line to be cooked!

DIL has a lot more pictures on her camera.  Maybe she will blog and I can link. 

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