Monday, November 5, 2012

Pictures! To go with blog earlier

Life lessons 101.  Everyone is setting at the table waiting to debone a deer.  This was a totally new experience for them.  They have saw it done but handing them knives and saying do it was new.  No stitches required so they did good.  No super glue either!  
 I did manage to catch a picture of the lambs.  The black and white one is about 10 days old.  The white lamb is probably younger.   See a little size difference?   Tiny lamb has mastered a 6 oz bottle of milk 4 times a day.  Big lamb will take a 10 oz bottle and beg for more.   We will be upping his milk, maybe up to a cow :)  

 I again wanted to share my table idea.   This is some of the wonderful quotes that float around facebook.  I copy them and scatter them on the table.  Some times we pull some add others.   Kids can tell you where their favorites are.  Lots of food for thought scattered here.  I have also been known to suggest they think about a certain quote that covers what they are dealing with. 

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