Wednesday, November 21, 2012

More getting ready!

Tortiala roll ups being made  This is a boys job, so we have been told.  Over the years it started out that MJ was allowed to do this as it was easy.  Then he took pride in it and went from "helping" to taking it over.   The year we got the other 2 boys he was very proud at being able to teach them.
Now it is a boy thing!  They do it all! 

 Here is one of MN's pretty pies!  Didn't she do good for the first time making a lattice crust?  
 DIL does a great job on hers!   Just think how good they will taste, and hey they are made with whole wheat flour so they are healthy right?

Here is a picture of my turkey fryer doing a turkey.  See how beautiful and brown it becomes?  

 This is the first one in the frig.  Might have been sampled on just a little bit.  Trust me it is good!
 Oh and for those that didn't do their school right and decided to see if mom really meant they could do school instead of Thanksgiving preparations and maybe even Thanksgiving........ 

I really am a mom of my word!   He wasn't willing to take a few of the others word for it, as they also sat out about once.  
I even put grands to work!  This is grand daughter putting up dishes she has washed.

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DeEtta @ Choosing Joy said...

It's always fun to read about your big celebrations. How many did you have this year? All looks great. Happy Thanksgiving.